Unilink Networks is proud to operate a fully-redundant TDM-based telephone network which ensures the highest possible voice quality. We inter-connect with peers and providers at DS3 and ISDN levels while using VoIP for backup and bursting.

TDM (Time Division Multiplex) is a type of transport technology which reserves bandwidth on a per-channel basis and thus ensures the highest possible voice quality, as opposed to VoIP which is based on IP (a packet-switched protocol lacking the ability to reserve bandwidth) which attempts to prioritize voice traffic at the packet level.

We operate a telephone network in downtown Montreal which connects some of the larger office buildings to our DC and thus allows us to deliver TDM-based telephony solutions to tenants in these buildings. We concentrate on providing service to clients in those buildings, which is one of the reasons why we do not do mass-marketing but only concentrated campaigns where our service is available. TDM-based telephony solutions include:

In addition to offering service to tenants in our “ON-Net” buildings, we also offer T1 trunks and ISDN PRI service anywhere in Quebec and Ontario – prices vary depending on our transport costs, please contact our sales team at for a quote.

We also offer VoIP technology for those of our customers who don’t mind the intermittently reduced voice quality. In order to make it as unnoticeable as possible, our telephone network is tightly integrated with our IP network, which ensures the highest possible priority to voice. Unfortunately, when other parties are involved in a VoIP loop (as is often the case) we do not control the whole system and cannot guarantee voice quality. Is also offered a Hosted PBX service.

We offer ISDN cross-connect service at reduced rates in Montreal’s Cologix C1 and C3 locations.

Finally, we offer a Virtual Fax service and a Callback service.

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