Resolving telephony issues

In order to help us identify and solve issues on our telephony network, please jot down the following information on each occurrence and send them by email to or use this Web Form.

We strongly recommend using our Web form since it is designed to collect relevant information in order to solve the situation as quickly as possible.

Part A, contact info:

  • Please provide all necessary information for us to reach you and obtain further details on the problem – Your name, email address, phone number and extension, etc…

Part B, Identifying the call:

  • Date and time of the call
  • Specify if it was an inbound or outbound call
    • inbound calls:
      • which DID (telephone number) the call came in on
      • if possible, the callers number
    • outbound calls:
      • the dialed number

Part C, Identifying the problem:

  • Incomplete calls:
    • identify the exact message you received and/or the system’s response
  • Dropped calls:
    • make sure the other party did not hang up
  • Voice quality issues:
    • try to identify wether the problem was present on both sides
    • were co-workers experiencing the same issues at the same time?
  • Echo:
    • try to identify if you were hearing echo, or if the other party was
    • identify if any of the parties were using the following type of equipment:
      • bluetooth headset
      • cell phone
      • speakerphone
      • if the other party was using a VoIP phone
  • Fax transmission issues:
    • Have you, in the past, successfully managed to
      • send faxes to that same destination
      • receive faxes from that same origin
    • Specify if, while having issues with this transmission, you successfully:
      • received faxes from other parties
      • sent faxes to other parties

Thanks to these details, we can usually identify issues and, if they’re under our control, fix them.