Fibre Access

Faced with needs for performance, availability and security, a company that intends to support the development of its telecom network can count on fiber access. This high-speed circuit differs from ADSL or cable on several aspects that make it more responsive to the needs of your larger offices, your server rooms or your high inter-site data traffic exchanges.

Fiber optic connections are a specialized type of access that offers bidirectionnal throughput for enterprises that require more bandwidth than low-speed circuits such as DSL or CABLE. Fiber Optic access provide the highest level of stability for enterprises who are looking at replacing low-speed circuits for greater stability and speed.

Transfer rates are available from 10 to 1000 Mbps.

Common Application

  • Voice over ip
  • Cloud Computing
  • Online data backup / large files transfer

We offer Fibre access solutions in Montreal and Toronto.