Data Storage

Data storage is part of what we do and we are certainly at least as obsessed with it as you are. Our data storage service allows you to store your data on one of our Enterprise-Grade Data Storage Systems and access it from anywhere in the world with just the right amount of security depending on the protocol you choose to access it with. Our system is tested to comply with the latest revisions of most common Operating Systems (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) and we support the most common storage access protocols: CIFS, AFP, NFS, FTP, SFTP and WebDAV. Furthermore, we offer RSYNC and Bacula for incremental and structured backups if your system is so enabled – Setup and monthly fees apply, please contact our sales team for a quote.

Never lose data again

At a minimum, our infrastructure is RAID5/RAIDZ1-based and includes automatic periodic Snapshots (Pro and Enterprise packages only) which allow you to “Go back in time” to a previous state of your data in case it was inadvertently erased on your end. The Enterprise package further ensures data replication to a geographically remote site and thus guarantees the highest level of data retention possible. Data replication is encrypted during transport to ensure no-one can intercept it using a man-in-the-middle type of attack.

Tech Support you can count on

Basic tech support is included in all packages and provides 24/7 email access to our Operation Center for timely issue resolution. Premium tech support is available with certain packages2 and provides phone access to our OC.

We suggest JaBack as a Basic Windows or Mac OS X backup application and Bacula for more demanding clients.


1: Snapshot only store differences, up to a maximum of 200% committed storage
2: Included in $100/month+ packages, or as a $50/month add-on on less expensive packages
3: WebDAV, FTP and SFTP protocols share a single $40 One-Time setup charge
4: Limit of one Sync session per day
5: One-Time setup charge of $100 for Bacula service + $50 per backed-up host
6: Monthly Bacula fees are based of the number of backed-up hosts, the backup frequency and the amount of changed data per backup – please contact our sales team for a quote.