Unilink Networks is proud to offer its clients to most up-to-date Internet connection technology. Our primary market is high speed metropolitan Fibre Internet access and point-to-point solutions or LAN extensions. Fiber access is suited for you if your office is in need of performance, availability and security.

For those who need symmetric Internet access (or Lan Extensions) but can’t justify the cost and long term commitment of a Fibre access, we do offer SDSL access. SDSL access is the way to go if your office is in need of a high upstream speed (up to four times faster than the standard ADSL upload speed).

Fibre usually delivers 10, 100 and 1000 Mbps, SDSL delivers links of 2.3, 4.6, 10, 20 and even 40 Mbps. If you still have a T1 Internet link, boy do we have an inexpensive replacement for you.

For those who don’t need or simply can’t afford symmetric access, we have all the varieties of ADSL access and Cable modem solutions. The ADSL access is a economical and reliable connection sufficient for basic Internet usage such as email transmissions and web browsing.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what type of Internet connection you need:

Number of employees In-house server(s) providing service over the Internet Multiple locations Recommended connection
< 10 none 1 ADSL or Cable with dynamic IP address
< 10 yes but light load 1 ADSL with static IP address
< 50 none 1 one ADSL and one Cable with dynamic IPs (redundant setup)
< 50 heavy load 1 at least 10 Mbps fibre, 100 Mbps is ideal
~ ~ > 1 you need a LAN extension to connect all your locations together, alternatively, each location can have its own Internet hookup but they can all be made to appear as being together with a VPN setup.