Cloud computing

The hardware we buy today is somewhat hard to work with, costly and has a relatively short life expectancy. Meanwhile, our computing needs continues to expand as we use more and more applications.

Cloud computing is a concept of IT organization putting the Internet and a network connection in the heart of business activity. It allows the use of remote hardware resources like computers, hard drives and servers to create services and applications available online. The applications used by your employees will be accessible in the cloud using a Internet or a network connection wherever they are.

Some businesses might not have the know-how or the financial capabilities to setup their own network or servers. This is where cloud computing becomes interesting. The businesses using cloud computing won’t need to setup their networks and servers themselves anymore. Unilink will create a cloud based on the needs of the business and will make sur the connection is secured, reliable and quick.

Moreover, cloud computing allows businesses to adjust the performance and capability they need in an instant.

Unilink offers two type of clouds: Public clouds and Private clouds.