Billing question

Do you have a question related to your invoice or is there an issue with it? Please provide us the following information by email to or use one of our Web forms. We strongly recommend using our detailed Web form – it is designed to collect all relevant information and helps us resolve issues as quickly as possible. The detailed Web form contains the following Parts, for those choosing to use the short Web form, please provide all necessary information as you see fit.

Part A, contact info:

  • Please provide us with your contact information so that we can contact you to obtain further details if need be.

Part B, invoice number:

  • You must provide the number of the invoice containing the disputed items

Part C, disputed item(s)*:

  • Copy-paste the item’s name and description or provide the item number contained on the PDF invoice.
  • Select the reason why you wish to dispute this item.
  • Specify the disputed amount.
  • Add any additional information.

The more relevant details you provide for each disputed item, the faster we can process your request.

*Item(s) must be disputed within 30 days of the invoice date.
**You must login to access the short Web form.